01.10.2017 Gala Concert in the £ód¼ Philharmonic:

Orquesta Típica | Misteriosa Buenos Aires



The beginnings:

Since many young people have became more and more interested in tango and are going back to the traditions of typical orchestras of the Golden Age of the 1940s, in March 2003 pianist and director Javier Arias created Orquesta Típica Fervor. El Fervor was the only new orchestra to take up the challenge of continuing the stylistic line of Carlos Di Sarli. During the 5 years of its existence, El Fervor issued their own album, ‘Quien Sos’ (2006) and undertook two European tours, in 2007 and 2008. It was the last orchestra to accompany the great singer Oscar Ferrari.


Orquesta Típica | Misteriosa Buenos Aires


Orquesta Típica | Misteriosa Buenos Aires was born in 2008, as a musical proposal to renew the tango dance. Their repertoire is varied and dynamic, and includes classical tangos, tango nuevo, waltzes, milongas, milongas-candombes and Argentine folklore.

The orchestra aims at further developing the genre through new compositions and personal versions of classical tangos. Aware of the cultural and musical changes that have taken place from the 1940's to the present, this project re-enacts a typical orchestra of the bygone era, but with the energy and impact of the new generations, as part of what some already call "the new golden age of tango".

Since 2008, the orchestra has released three albums, ‘De salón’ (2010), ‘Una noche en la milonga’ (2013) and ‘Tu lado acústico’ (2015) and gone on three European tours.


Piano, arrangements and direction: Javier Arias
Contrabass: Patricio Peralta
Bandoneones: Diego Benbassat, Nicolas Codega, Matías Rullo
Violins: Damián González Gantes, Pablo Martinez Lammer, Matias Coban
Vocal: Eliana Sosa


The Misteriosa Buenos Aires concert will take place on 01.10.2017 at 19:00 in the £ód¼ Philharmonic, 20/22 Narutowicza Street. Tickets are available in the box office and at the webiste of the £ód¼ Philharmonic.

27.09.2017 Opening Concert in the £ód¼ Philharmonic:

Machina del Tango and María de los Angeles


María de los Angeles


María de los Angeles Álvarez Ron – singer, director of voice department and teacher of speech level singing and vocal techniques. She was born in Santa Lucía in Uruguay. Her natural talent and artistic proficiency were first noticed when as early as at the age of 12 she became the first soloist of the municipal choir under the direction of Eduardo Mollo, and at 15 toured the country with maestro Richard Lucian. Ever since, she has been growing musically, performing all over Uruguay and abroad, as well as teaching.

From 1987, for 5 years, together with Felix Romero, she was singing in the orquesta of the legendary Uruguayan bandoneonist, director and composer Donato Racciatti, created in 1948; one of the great Orquestas Tipicas of the Golden Age. For instance, she performed with them during the Entre Ríos-Argentina festival, and in 1992 took part in 4 of their Japanese tours, singing in the theatres of Kyoto, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Tsuneishi and Okayama as well as on TV, together with Noriko Abaya, also in Japanese. She performed in a series of concerts at La Casa de Donato Racciatti  and recorded an album by the same title.

She has won numerous awards and is a judge in many musical competitions herself.

She recorded 3 solo albums.


Machina del Tango

The most famous Polish tango orquesta!

violin - Justyna Baran
bandoneon/accordion - Klaudiusz Baran
piano and arrangements - Urszula Borkowska
doublebass - Maciej Dobrzañski

Although on a daily basis the Machina del Tango artists work with different orchestras, they have found their common ground in their love for tango, especially Astor Piazzolla. Their excellent feel for various musical styles and genres imbues their tango with new energy.

All the artists are eminent soloists and chamber musicians of the young generation; winners of numerous prestigious awards. They have already played in the biggest concert halls in Poland and during the most important music and film festivals.


The Machina del Tango and María de los Angeles concert will take place on 27.09.2017 at 19:00 in the £ód¼ Philharmonic, 20/22 Narutowicza Street. Free tickets can be picked up from Sept. 14th, from 3 pm to 6pm on weekdays, at 5 Kopernika Street. One person is allowed to pick up to 2 tickets.